Sunday, December 31, 2006

14. Technorati

Today I looked at Technorati, (after discovering that there is a new version of blogger). Technorati was invented to help you search through the vast growing number of bloggs by searching via key words. It also showed you how to tag your posts to make them more findable. I found this technique very useful. I looked at "Learning 2.0" in blog posts and found 2,419 results. One of these results caught my eye so I felt compelled to look at it, it was so good and interesting. It's title was: Tame The Web: Libraries and Technology by Michael Stephens. He talks about the constant changes in 2006 Library Land and the impact of 2.0, RSS, Wikis ect., have made to the library world. His blog is well worth a look at - What a Year! 2006 in Posts, Presentations,...


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