Tuesday, January 02, 2007

20. You too can YouTube

By far this is the best site... This one is going to be so popular. I thought I'de start by looking up my old favourite show "National Velvet" with Elizabeth Taylor. Well did this take me back in time.. 42 secs of pictures of Velvet, Mike and Mrs Brown to a saddle club song.

I then thought I'de search a more recent film. Going into Categories - Music, I searched for "Crossroads" - Bone Thugs N Harmony. 7.04 minutes and secs of the best part of the movie were viewed. How cools that.. This was viewed by 83,626 comments 136 and favourited 741 times.

The ease of use in YouTube, allows anyone to upload videos, not just the younger crowd. Videos are never automatically removed if someone flags them. Every single flagged video is reviewed by someone at YouTube, they determine if the video contains material that is against the terms of use.


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