Tuesday, January 02, 2007

21. Podcasts, Smodcasts

Podcasts can be done automatically through RSS feeds. You can also search by topic, author or any keyword. Once you've found something that looks interesting, you can listen to it by clicking on "Listen" and if you like it you can subscribe - its almost always free. To subscribe though, you need music software like YAHOO MUSIC ENGINE or APPLE I TUNES. If you just want 1 copy of a particular episode, you don't have to subscribe.

I went to Podcast.net and looked at the Podcast Directory for the subject "The Library Channel". I then listened to Fred McIlvain's interview titled "The Library System's Help Desk". He spoke on how this area looks after the reporting of any problem areas such as: - Catalogue, Data bases, Electronic Resources, Hardware issues, WEB Site, Software Issues and Log in Problems. These are then routed to the correct area.


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